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Open the doors to a Penn State education with a gift to World Campus student scholarships and funds. Scholarship support from alumni and friends like you helps cover tuition and other costs associated with a degree, keeping students focused on completing their programs and not on financial concerns. Whether large or small, your gift will show Penn State World Campus students you support their success.

If it hadn’t been for Penn State World Campus, I wouldn’t have been able to use education as a stepping-stone to shift careers. My wife and I decided to make a modest monthly recurring gift to support the Charles E. and Carol E. Snyder World Campus Alumni Society Open Doors Scholarship, which supports World Campus students, giving them the resources they need to be successful at Penn State. The biggest selling point for me is that my gift is combined with money that has been matched by the University, increasing the impact of my gift.

—Eric McGinnis, ’98 Bus, ’10g Agr

Scholarships and Funds

We encourage alumni and friends to make a gift to these World Campus scholarships and funds:  

Charles E. and Carol E. Snyder World Campus Alumni Society Open Doors Scholarship in the World Campus

Your gift to this scholarship is directed to students in the World Campus Smart Track to Success program, which provides the financial, mentoring, and life skills support needed to thrive in the critical first year of college. By giving to this scholarship, you reach out a helping hand to undergraduate students in need and express your affiliation with the World Campus Alumni Society.

World Campus Annual Fund

Your gift to this fund supports World Campus in maintaining its status as a premier institute for higher education online. A gift to this fund supports our vision for online excellence by meeting the ongoing need for flexible, unrestricted income so that we can serve our students as effectively as possible.

World Campus Emergency Fund

Your gift to this fund will support World Campus students dealing with unforeseen financial setbacks that threaten their ability to complete their degrees.

World Campus Military Student Fund

Your gift to this fund goes directly to scholarships for World Campus military students, including active-duty service members and veterans. Named as a military-friendly school by prominent publications such as U.S. News & World Report, World Campus is committed to serving those who serve with the flexibility and convenience they need.

How to Give 

Giving to Penn State World Campus is simple.

  • Give now online to any of the Penn State World Campus scholarships and funds. 
  • Learn more about the many other ways to make a gift by visiting the Penn State giving site, Raise Penn State
  • If you’re interested in establishing your own scholarship for Penn State World Campus students, please contact the Penn State Outreach and Online Education Development Office by calling 814-863-8790 or emailing

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Thank You

Thank you to all our alumni and friends who have supported the Charles E. and Carol E. Snyder World Campus Alumni Society Open Doors Scholarship in the World Campus. Your gifts have helped World Campus undergraduate students thrive in their first year of college by having access to the Smart Track to Success program.