Empowering Penn State World Campus Students to Achieve Their Goals

Penn State World Campus is focused on creating more scholarships for our students. 

Complete Penn State Scholarships

Unexpected financial hardships can sometimes force undergraduates to abandon their academic goals, even as the finish line is in sight. Complete Penn State provides financial support together with assistance and counseling when promising students might otherwise be unable to earn a degree. Students who have a GPA of 2.0 or higher and are within 30 credits of earning a degree are considered for a Complete Penn State scholarship.

Smart Track to Success Scholarships

World Campus students face many of the same challenges as traditional-age students do in their transition to higher education, as well as challenges specific to distance learners. Smart Track to Success offers scholarship support, a two-semester course on academic and life skills, mentoring from peers and faculty, and assistance in becoming an engaged member of the World Campus community. Our first alumni of the program graduated in May 2021, and other students are eagerly following in their footsteps in terms of academic success, improving student retention and graduation rates.

Undergraduate Military Scholarships

Military students qualify for Smart Track to Success and Complete Penn State scholarships. However, scholarships can be created specifically for this population. Military students (active-duty, reserve guard, veterans, and family members) make up nearly 20% of World Campus enrollment. For military students and their families, our degrees represent a path to professional advancement, both during and after their military careers. Undergraduate scholarships directed to members of our armed forces and their families will keep a Penn State degree accessible to the men and women who serve our country and communities around the world.

Jennifer Myers and familyMere words cannot fully express just how much this helps. This program offers all the tools to help an adult nontraditional student succeed and rewards you with a scholarship to boot.

—Jennifer Myers
Student and Smart Track to Success scholarship recipient; Bachelor of Science in Business

Your Generosity Can Create a Legacy of Learning and Success

Your named scholarship will help talented and deserving World Campus students succeed in their degree programs for generations.

Talk with Us 

We’re ready to talk with you about your legacy at World Campus. Please contact Don Lenze, senior director of development and World Campus alumni relations, Penn State Outreach and Online Education, via email or by calling 814-863-8792 to talk about your philanthropic vision and how we can help you achieve it. 

All gifts to the World Campus make a difference and are accepted with gratitude. To support World Campus students by giving now, please visit the Give to Penn State website for more information.