Join a Committee

Do you have ideas to grow the Penn State World Campus Alumni Society and connect World Campus alumni to Penn State and each other? Would you like to help current students succeed as online learners? Do you want to be an engaged member of the Penn State community? Consider joining one of our committees:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee supports efforts in alignment with the Penn State Alumni Association’s Diversity Statement, which indicates that WE ARE “committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive membership, one where all identities, experiences, and backgrounds come together to create a strong and welcoming alumni community representative of the Penn Staters it proudly serves.” 

Events Planning 

Members of the Events Planning Committee connect World Campus alumni to the global Penn State alumni network. The committee’s goal is to increase the number of World Campus alumni taking an active role in the Penn State community by collaborating with local Penn State Alumni Association chapters across the United States. The committee creates partnerships that advance the goals of the World Campus Alumni Society and local chapters, and acts as a resource for World Campus alumni in their local communities. Committee members are also World Campus advocates who educate the larger Penn State community about World Campus programming. This committee can also make recommendations for alumni programming based on community feedback. 

Social Media and Networking 

The Social Media and Networking Committee supports the growth of the World Campus alumni network through social media engagement, gauges alumni interest in Penn State events, and helps generate interest and excitement around World Campus and Penn State initiatives. They also provide input into alumni communications, including the World Campus alumni newsletter.

Student Engagement 

Members of the Student Engagement Committee support efforts to increase World Campus alumni interaction with the student community by participating in career support services, academic college mentoring programs, and student clubs. Members of this committee represent the World Campus perspective when elevating the needs of online learners and alumni to the larger Penn State network, while actively supporting the World Campus Blue and White Society and other student clubs to help grow the number of engaged alumni. 

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